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Seni Menanam Padi Orang Jepang

Posted by hendryswong pada September 8, 2010


This is pretty old news, but something I only came across today while browsingJapanSoc. Apparently a village in Japan called Inakadate (田舎館) has a ridiculously awesome festival where hundreds of people help out and plant different varieties of rice that grow up to be different colors (and thus create images like the ones you see above). They started doing this to reinvigorate the town, and it’s done quite well! In 2006 there were 200,000 visitors alone. That has to do something good for their economy. Let’s take a look at some of the rice paddies they’ve made up till now!







On the Inakadate website, they even have “over-time pictures” to show you the process.





See below for a close-up. Surprisingly, they aren’t using dyes or paints or anything, but using different kinds of rice. Looks pretty good to me. I can’t imagine planning something like this out and knowing the “big picture” ahead of time. If I were in charge, it would probably end up looking like Pruneface.


Here are the cool froods who do all the work. Nice hats, and Banzai!


If you want to see a whole ton more, check out the Inakadate website, which looks like it’s due for a “replant” as well. Of course, there are others who have jumped on the rice paddy art train, but remember, Inakadate is the best! If you want to visit, here is the location on Google Maps. Definitely adding it to my to-go list. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty low quality satellite image, but at least you know the location if you want to visit!

Well, anyways, here’s to wishing Inakadate chooses “Godzilla” as their theme for 2009.


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